Tuesday, March 4, 2014

High Def Holo Stamping!

Good day, to you my lovely blog readers! I had a bit of a wild day yesterday...babysat my friends daughter, took my own daughter to school, bought a car (WOOHOO), picked my daughter up from school, found out she was feverish, and took her to the Doctor. The good Dr informed us that my little angel has Pneumonia! So, because I'm home with her today I'm cleaning, doing my nails and blogging while she's resting!

My friend Jenne sent me China Glaze's High Def. Let me tell you a few things about Jenne. First off, she JUST debuted her new blog, Polished Pathology. Check her out at http://polishedpathology.com/! Second, this girl has a MUCH larger collection than I do. She has tons of indie polish and comes up with the most amazing combinations. You need to go over there and give her some love! 

Without further ado, may I present to you...my High Def Holo Stamped mani!

High Def is part of China Glaze's Tronica collection, that was released in 2011. This color is a powdery blue with a very slight scattered holo in it. I stamped Color Club's "Harp on it" over the top to add a little more holo to the mix. Since it's a silver holo on top of the blue, it's hard to see...especially when it's really lit up. Regardless, I think it's really pretty!

Here I have a comparison of the color in my lightbox and also with the flash (to show the sparkle)!

I have two coats of color, and one coat of topcoat in these pics. What a beautiful blue! You know how I love my blue polish! 

Go check out Polished Pathology and give Jenne some love!!

Thanks for reading today :-)

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