Monday, March 24, 2014

Emily de Molly - Monet's Garden

Hello there! Welcome to spring! It really doesn't feel like spring here in Minnesota, but the snow has melted a bit and that's a step in the right direction. I have lots of thoughts of spending time outside and trying my hand at gardening, since we are new homeowners. I have to say, I have not had the best of luck when it comes to keeping plants (particularily indoor ones) alive. I'm gonna give the whole gardening thing a try this spring. We'll see what happens...

Speaking of gardens, I have an absolutely lovely shade to show you today. I haven't yet added any Emily de Molly polish to my collection, but my friend Erin was kind enough to loan this one to me! She warned me...she told me that I was going to love it and get hooked. "You need a bottle and a backup, and a backup for the backup" is what she told me. She was right. This color is so pretty, and so complex. It's kind of like a Monet painting.

Today's color is "Monet's Garden" by Emily de Molly.

Yeah...I need to add this to my own collection. What an enabler, that Erin. She's got an enviable collection, and has loaned me some amazing polishes from makers that I've not yet gotten my hands on.

Monet's Garden in perfect in 3 coats, with a coat each of Gelous and Seche Vite.
The glitter distribution is super easy to work with. I didn't have to do any dabbing. Also, I really like the consistency of this jelly base.

Monet's Garden is a green jelly base with green, lime, neon green, pink, purple and blue glitters of various sizes throughout. Super squishy and super lovely.

Emily de Molly is a brand that I hadn't played with yet, but I like this color a whole lot.  It's an Australian made brand, and some of the coveted "Forces" shades can be a real bugger to get your hands on, from what I understand. There is an EDM store on Big Cartel, but you can only order from that site if you live in Australia. This brand is, however, also available on Llarowe.  I'll be keeping my eye out for this one, so I can have my very own "garden" in a bottle!

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