Monday, March 10, 2014

Emerald and Ash - 1st Anniversary Polish Collection

Hello again! Today, I have a very special collection by Emerald and Ash. Along with the Photometry Collection, I received 3 additional polishes to celebrate Emerald and Ash's first anniversary, or Primary Circumgyration as they like to call it! 

Also included in my package was a new cuticle oil in Daisy scent which actually closely mimics the Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrance, as a way to nourish your nails between paintings. Also it will be offered in a Deconstructed Daisy Duo that we will be offering for our celebration. The duo will consist of a bottle of the original Deconstructed Daisy and the new Deconstructed Daisy Holo and a bottle of the Daisy nail oil.
All of these polishes will be available at Friday, March 14th at 6pm MDT.

Deconstructed Daisy Holo

Deconstructed Daisy Holo is the polish that started it all! It's still the same polish that everyone has grown to love. Full of various sizes of green and white glitter with a speckling of yellow micro glitter. The added bonus is a spattering of holo. Not too much, so that you can see the polish you wear as a base coat, but enough to make it sparkle in the sun.

Here, I have DD shown in one coat over Aurora.

DD holo is LOADED with glitter! I love that yellow glitter in gives it a quirky quality, don't you think?

Ash & Emerald

Ash & Emerald is an ash colored crelly that comes alive with a flash of emerald green shimmer and a spattering of green micro flakes. Full coverage at 2-3 coats, depending on your application.

I love the complexity of this color. It's grey, but it's green...and it's SO sparkly! Pictures in my lightbox just don't do it justice. The flakies really add something special too! 

I used three coats of Ash & Emerald in my pics.

Happy Primary Circumgyration

Happy Primary Circumgyration is a green leaning white crelly stunner that was created especially for their Primary Circumgyration (one year anniversary). It is a pastel beauty that shifts between aqua and green shimmer depending on the light. It also has beautiful micro flakes that shift from aqua to green and a helping of holo that make it come alive! Full coverage at 3 coats, depending on your base color. Can also be worn over a white base color.

This is another favorite of mine. It looks very Extraterrestrial to me. It has a green-white feel to it, but with the shimmer it looks extraordinary! 

In my pictures I used 3 coats of Happy Primary Circumgyration.

Now, I've got some BONUS pics for you. My favorite type of polish is a crelly base with glitter mixed in, particularily light colored or white crellys. I used Deconstructed Daisy Holo and sandwiched it in between Happy Primary Circumgyration.  Here's a yummy, crelly sandwich for you!

I am IN LOVE with these two colors together! 

::DROOL:: Look at all that glitter! I mean, are these not the perfect St Patricks Day nails, or what?

Deconstructed Daisy Holo and Happy Primary Circumgyration are Limited edition colors and will only be available through the month of March. Act fast! You definitely don't want to miss these colors! 

Get thee to at 6pm MDT on FRIDAY to get yourself these, and all of the colors of the Photometry collection!
Also, look for Emerald and Ash on Facebook and Instagram

ALSO, head over to Polished Pathology and check out her fabulous swatches. (She's doing a fantastic giveaway too!)

Lastly, I'd like to say thank you to Ashley and Nate of Emerald and Ash, for sending me such a massively exciting kit for my blog! I feel so privileged to have been given this opportunity to play with your amazing polish! Happy Primary Circumgyration! 

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