Friday, March 14, 2014

Model City Polish - T-Virus and Anti-Virus

Nina, the creative Genius at Model City Polish is a sci-fi fanatic. One of her upcoming collections was inspired by the Resident Evil series, her personal favorite. My husband and I enjoy watching the Resident Evil movies together, so I was very excited to get the opportunity to check out a couple of the colors in this new collection.

In the world of Resident Evil, the T Virus (Tyrant Virus)  was created by the Umbrella corporation. It was developed to create bio-organic weapons. Overall the goal was to develop a superhuman named Tyrant, in honor of the virus. This is a VERY condensed version of what the T Virus is...this is what created all of the "Zombies" in the Resident Evil universe.

Nina's T-Virus is actually very beautiful. It's a blue jelly with a teeny bit of crelly haze to it. It gives it that "viral" look, if you ask me. Mixed in are small, square and hex glitter along with just a little bit of bar glitter too. I used two coats of T Virus and one coat of Seche Vite in my pictures.

(Once again, another gorgeous blue polish for my collection!!)

The Anti-Virus is just what it sounds like. It was made to purge the system of the T-Virus. However, if you've been bitten too many times, or have been infected for too long...the Anti Virus may not be able to help you.

I go back and forth with green polish...sometimes I like it...sometimes I don't. THIS green polish is gorgeous! I didn't want to take it off to swatch the next color. It's a super squishy green jelly with all sizes of silver glitter. I used three coats of Anti Virus and one coat of Seche Vite.

Awesome right? This green is spot on!

These polishes and the rest of the Resident Evil collection will be available at 12pm CST on Saturday, March 22nd. 
For more Resident Evil swatches, check out!

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Also, beginning March 22nd Nina will begin shipping internationally! Wheeeeee!

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