Friday, March 28, 2014

More Clownin Around!

I had so much fun with Polish Me Silly's "Clowning Around" that I needed to have a repeat! Not too long ago, I posted a review of the Photometry collection by Emerald & Ash. (You can view that post here!) The texture of those polishes is sheer, and GREAT for sandwiching glitter in between coats. I tried a "Crelly Sandwich" with a couple of the E&A anniversary polishes and it turned out SUPER CUTE. (You can see that one here!

One of my favorite things is a white crelly polish with glitter mixed in.
Mie Scattering from the Photometry collection is a perfect shimmery white crelly. What better than to layer it with Clowning around?

So CUTE! It's another Easter egg mani!

Below is a swatch of Mie Scattering (4 coats) from my review.

This is how I layered my Crelly Sandwich!


Nothing much to report, these are both great polishes!
Polish Me Silly has a bunch of different colored neon glitters like this. Imagine the possibilities!

You can find Emerald and Ash Polishes at:

Polish Me Silly is on Etsy at:

Cheers! See you next time!

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