Friday, January 24, 2014

I'm back!! Did you miss me??

Hello everyone! I just got back from vacation and I must apologize for taking an un-announced blog break! I didn't bring my laptop, or a light or anything! So, here I am! I'm back home, and I have something really cool for you today. As you may or may not have noticed, I've been workin on my stamping and I have been having a blast! I ordered a MoYou London stamping plate, and let me tell was extremely difficult to only choose one. I chose one of the Artist series, where the design covers the entire plate. 
(This image is from the MoYou website)

I will be using this plate over and over again, I just know it. Alright...on to the good stuff!

Wheeeeeeeee! I am so proud of myself right now! I've still gotta work on tidiness, but I feel like this might be the best yet! I wanted this to have a mixed media sort of look. The colors I used are (Thumb) Revlon Spirit and Maybelline Color Show Blue Beats, (pointer, middle, ring) Zoya Blu and (pinky) OPI Liquid Sand Tiffany Case. Aside from the white polish and the black stamping polish these are all colors that I hadn't used yet!!

I can't wait to try some other designs, and get some more MoYou plates!

You can purchase MoYou plates, stamps and scrapers and all of your stamping needs from their website, on Amazon and on Etsy!


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