Thursday, December 19, 2013

I've got stars in my eyes!

Oh my goodness gracious you guys. I am so in love with this gorgeous rose gold flakie by Indigo Bananas! It is called, "A Star to Sail By" and it is just an beautiful as I'd hoped it would be.

In my pictures I used three coats, and I probably could have used four, for better coverage. 
This polish is so different from the other rose gold sparkles I've seen. Rather than pieces of glitter, this one has flakes of color! It's got a mirror like effect, right?
This color is perfect for a holiday party! It's flashy, without being over the top!

You can find Indigo Bananas on Etsy. Check them out for this, and TONS of other gorgeous colors!

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  1. Gorgeous!! :) Glad you like it & thanks for the swatch. I've added your blog post to the IB reviews page (