Sunday, July 20, 2014

Model City Polish - Summer Neons

Are you enjoying summer? It's finally beginning to feel like summer here in Minnesota. When it comes to nail polish, I have seen so much COLOR for the Summer!
Nina over at Model City Polish has created some stunning Summer shades, 3 of which she sent me to swatch and show to all of you!

Today, I have Green Monster, Purple Dragon and Hot Pink Barbie

Green Monster

"Green Monster is a bright green blend with green and gold flakies. This one is a little trickier on nail line coverage so depending on your taste and visibility of nail line, you may try using a base color."

I always get a little nervous when it comes to a light green polish. This one is so bright that it works well, and I really like it! In my pictures I have on three coats of Green Monster and one coat of Seche Vite.

Look at those baby flakies!

Purple Dragon

"Purple Dragon is a bright purple shade with blue and purple flecks. This one applies a little patchy at first but smooths out as coats are added."

I agree with the description...the patchy first coat made me go, "hmmm". As soon as I added two more coats, no problem! The flakie/shimmer in this polish is what gives it its character. I love this one!

Hot Pink Barbie

"Hot Pink Barbie is a crazy bright pink filled with pink and purple flakies"
For a side note about pigment fading, click here.

My lights really don't like to show the cool shimmer that this polish has. In person you can really see the pink and purple undertones.

My macro shows that shimmer really well.

In general I love the vivid colors in these polishes. I think my favorite is Purple Dragon. I liked the way that these applied as well. They didn't leave bald patches or get streaky! If you like bright, these are for you!

These three and numerous other lovely shades are available NOW in the Model City Polish shop!


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