Friday, January 3, 2014

A Mentality Memento...

I'm pretty sure I've made it common knowledge that stamping isn't my strong suit. For some reason, I can't seem to get the images just right. Maybe it's been the scraper... Maybe it's been the polish...I've never been able to crack the code, until today. Today, my friends, I had a successful stamping experience! To create the look of this mani, I used Mentality's Memento

Memento is a metallic blackened red creme nail polish. It is gorgeous all on its own, but I wanted to try my hand at stamping with it. I'd been told my a few different people that Mentality's formula is great for stamping. I also read on the Mentality Big Cartel site that the metallic cremes are good for beginner stampers, like me! I felt like there was still a chance for me.

When I get a little better at stamping I'll give you a little more info, but for now it's just show and tell!

For my ring finger I used Memento as my base and Konad stamping polish for the black. For all of my other nails, I used a quick drying black polish and then stamped Memento over that. I have a set of Bundle Monster plates for stamping. 

Thanks for taking a look!
You can find Mentality on Etsy and Big Cartel!

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