Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Indigo Bananas - Galactic Halo (H)

I know, I know...there's flakies EVERYWHERE. I love all the flakies, I think they are beautiful! They look pretty unassuming in the bottle, but then you layer them over black and POW! They are really transformational. I don't have any of the topcoat flakies but I DO know of some other bloggers with awesome swatches...

Check them out!

(swatches on the Darling Diva site)

The flakie craze has definitely hit the nail community! I decided that I was going to practice restraint and choose the ONE flakie polish that really spoke to me. I saw a swatch of Galactic Halo by Indigo Bananas and went crazy for it. I had seen it on the IB site first, but it wasn't until I saw it swatched by Amanda at Amanda Loves Polish on Instagram. I went and bought it immediately!

There's a lot of pictures in this post, just to warn you!

Drumroll please..............

I am in love with this polish! I understand now, what all the fuss is about!
I have on two coats (only two!) in my pictures.

This polish looks great indoors, out in the sun, in my lightbox, with flash and with no flash. In every light, it's different. The cousin of this polish is Accretion Disk and if you want to see a FANTASTIC swatch, click [here]. Jenne has fantastic swatches, doesn't she?

The picture above is under a lamp that we have in the salon I work in. It really shows the metallic effect in the flakies, even a little bit of the holo!

Normally, I don't include a photo taken with only the camera flash, because it's not the best representation of the color. This is just a gratuitous holo shot. It's so awesome!

Here you can see all the bitty baby flakes in there!

This picture is here to show all of the color shift that this color has. It is also most realistic to what it looks like indoors, in person.

I went to dinner last night, and our server said, "Wow. Your nails are really pretty. That color is awesome."
Even 20 something guys think that Galactic Halo is awesome!
This color and Accretion Disk(the green one) are available in a Holo and a Non-Holo version.
I don't know how long these colors will be around, but you should really get your hands on them immediately!



  1. Stunning polish! I love how your photos capture all the different looks! <3

  2. thanks Nina! That's a wonderful compliment!