Sunday, November 24, 2013

Termo Trio and Big Ruby nail tattoos!

Today's post is kind of a two-fer! I got some awesome nail mail on Thursday and I couldn't decide which to focus on, so I chose...both! I got my hands on some Dance Legend and Big Ruby "super cool nail tattoos". I am very excited about these nail tattoos. One, my daughter's name is Ruby. Two, our dog is Big Girl and she is a bulldog, which seems to be BigRuby's mascot!

Anyway, Dance Legend is a professional nail polish brand out of Moscow. If you go check out their website, you can see that they make some really bitchin stuff! I got my bottle from Llarowe, a stockist in the US. Here it is, Termo Trio first thermal polish!

Most thermals change between light and dark. This one has a third color, when it's in the "warm" stage. So dang cool! The texture of the polish is great. Two smooth, even coats and one coat of seche vite in these pics.

The above pic is in the "cold" stage. It's a dark, purple-ish blue.

Here is the "warm" stage. Kinda pink, kinda purple.

Here is the "hot" stage. A lovely, periwinkle blue!

I spotted BigRuby tattoos over at Chalkboard Nails. What a cute, super easy fun addition to your mani! They are applied exactly like you would apply a temporary tattoo to your skin. I chose the one that looks just like my pup! What do you think? I love them, and I love my new Termo Trio!

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