Monday, November 11, 2013

Wanna know how to store "Ten Thousand" polishes?

Up until Saturday I was using a toolbox from Home Depot to store all of my polish and supplies.
I grew out of it pretty quickly.

 My husband was getting kind of tired of me always having nail polish "stuff" all over the kitchen table, and honestly, I was too. I found a "how to" online that seemed simple enough, so I showed it to the hubby and we decided to make a rack together. 

In the tutorial it suggested using 1"x2"x8' lumber, so that's what I picked up. Our intention was to make it wide enough to span the space of three studs behind the wall.

There was only two studs in the space we wanted to hang it, hence the wire that is holding it up. My husband put screws in the studs and then we rigged up the wire on the rack to hang it like a big mirror or picture.

This picture shows how we attached everything together. We definitely are not carpenters, so it's not perfect, but it works. We spaced the shelves roughly 2.5 inches apart, and all of my polishes fit perfectly!

The shelf was super wobbly with just the wire holding it up, so he attached brackets on the bottom and top of the rack to stabilize it. Looking at it now, we probably could have just used the brackets since they are screwed into the studs.

Here it is! The only thing I'll change is I want to add some sort of face to it, to keep the polishes from falling off the shelves. I love it! Looks like I have some space to fill ;-)

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