Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday bargain!

I had a friend ask me if I knew of a dupe for OPI's Vampire State Building. Apparently it is discontinued and very rare! It's going for a lot of money on ebay! From what I know of VSB(which is nothing), today's polish looks pretty dang close. May I present to you, KleanColor's Dark Red.

The best part about this color, other than the fact that it's was $1. ONE DOLLAR. 
Here in the Twin Cities we have a few stores around called Heartbreaker. They carry super current fashion at a super reasonable price. 

They also carry NABI polish and KleanColor polish for a buck apiece. Unfortunately you can't get their polish online.  All of you MN metro gals are in luck, you can head to a Heartbreaker store and snag some cheap polish!

I haven't worn a dark red like this in awhile, and I really like it! For an inexpensive polish, the consistency was really great. Cleanup around the edges can be kind of a B-word, but this one wasn't too bad. We'll see how I feel when it comes time to take it off! 

I spotted this dark red and thought..."Maybe this will fill the void for VSB in Kristin's heart!"

What do you think? Do you love this dark red?

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  1. Love it and thank you so much for looking for me!! I will be picking it up and I've been having so much fun following your blog!