Saturday, September 14, 2013


I'd seen this technique posted over on the Chalkboard Nails blog...and i just kept thinking about it. I hadn't had the time, or the color inspiration yet to pull it off. I was looking at my stash of polishes and I remembered that I hadn't used one of my newest Model City polishes yet. It's called The Great Pumpkin Massacre, and its sparkly and beautiful, right?
Also, it smells like pumpkin bread! So cool! I did my nails two nights ago, and I can still smell it! Model City's other two Halloween polishes also have scents to them. 
So, I took my inspiration from the orange and turquoise holographic glitter in the polish to create this look. I used the lightest color as my base and then used my largest dotting tool to make the ruffles.

It's really cute, right? I can't wait to try other color combos!

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