Saturday, June 21, 2014

ICE Polish - Dreams come true...not if I can help it! Part 1

Greetings! I feel like I have been a swatching maniac lately! I haven't posted much because
I have been preparing to show you ICE Polish's summer collection!

As you may or may not know, I have a full time job and a 4 year old child. Life is super busy! Sometimes I have a lot of spare time for fun nail stuff, and sometimes life gets in the way. So, I'd like to say thank you for checking in with me, even though I've been lacking on the posts lately! 

The summer collection by ICE Polish is titled "Dreams come true...not if I can help it". This collection is inspired by 12 of Disney's princesses and villains from 6 different movies! This collection is fun, and a spot on representation of it's inspiration.

There aren't any glitters in this collection, but there's TONS of shimmer, holo, and shifting tones!

First up we have Jasmine and Jafar, inspired by the movie Aladdin.

Both of these pictures are shown in direct sun.

Jasmine is a soft turquoise pearl with a slight holo shimmer. It is a metallic color, so if not applied just right will show brush strokes.

Jafar is a deep magenta with a blue/purple shimmer and holo. Pictures do not do this polish justice. Looking at it in the bottle doesn't even do it justice. I put it on and the color on the nail is absolutely stunning.

Secondly, we have Ariel and Ursula...from The Little Mermaid, of course.

Ariel is an orange holo...just bordering coral. Normally, I don't like orange on me...but this orange is special. I think the holo makes it unique and interesting.

Ursula is a metallic purple with a very strong linear holo. It also has teeny black flakies that are hiding in there. Inside it has a soft, gray purple look, and in the sun it's super flashy!

Last, but not least we have Belle and Gaston...from Beauty and The Beast.

I love being surprised by Ariel, Belle wowed me when I put it on my nails. Belle is a soft yellow with a slight holo and a soft pink shimmer.

Gaston is a berry red holo. In my light box it looks more pink than it does in the sun

To sum up this half of the collection...
The princess colors are soft and delicate...while the villain colors have more bang for your buck!
As always, her colors apply like a dream. Another thing that's amazing about ICE Polish is that it lasts so long! I have one of her colors on, that you'll see in my next post and it's been on for 3 days with no wear or chipping!

These colors and the rest of the collection will be available on ICE Polish's etsy site on June 30th!

Stay tuned for the rest of this awesome collection!!


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