Friday, February 7, 2014

Finger Paints - Twisted

Hi everyone! I feel like it's been so long! I was super busy the last couple weeks with travel. I apologize for being gone so long! Today, I am back with an INCREDIBLE polish that I received in the mail today.

 My friend Jenne informed me that I NEED the original Finger Paints flakies in my life. Surprise! I got this lovely from her today!!!  I purchased a few of the colors in the new Kaleidoscope collection, that I have not yet tried. After using Twisted from the original collection, I don't know if it will stack up, to be honest. This polish is AWESOME.

I have been participating in a 30 day untried challenge and so I had a limited amount of things to choose from to use as my base. I selected Venique's "Wrapped in Jewels" which is a gorgeous blurple duochrome.

(Please excuse the dry cuticles!)

I applied two coats of the Venique color and then moved on to the Finger Paints color.

Boom. Amazing, right? Like I said, I think the new flakies from Finger Paints have a lot to live up to!
 For a great comparison check out the review and swatches over at The Polished Mommy!

Thanks for checking in!

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