Wednesday, September 11, 2013

First attempt at a "Ruffian" manicure

Holy hell, its been quite an evening. I've been doing so many things to try to get this blog up and running, I'd forgotten the fact that I do in fact have to paint my nails so that I have something to post! It's almost 12:30 and I'm just now getting to posting the mani I did this evening. Let me tell you, it's pretty obvious I'm not on my A-game tonight! I'm gonna share my pics anyway...

I was inspired by a mani that I saw online that was described as a "witchy ruffian" polish job. I hadn't much cared for this particular type of manicure until I saw a black and green and matte, witchy combo. This is nowhere near perfect, in fact, I can't believe that I'm even posting pictures of it. Oh well, for better or for worse right?

Here's the lineup! Lots of China glaze love here! 

Three sheer coats of CG Kiwi Cool Ada

One coat of CG Ghoulish Glow! Can you tell I'm excited for Halloween??

My black Nabi polish ruined everything!!! Too thick...lots of bubbling.
Also, this was my first time using a matte topcoat and I wasn't super impressed. Maybe there are some others out there to try that end up more matte.

Either way, it's a FUN look and I will probably try it again with some modifications!

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