Tuesday, February 18, 2014

MCP Faves Manicure

I get a lot of people asking me, "What's with the nail polish?" and "Since when are you so obsessed with doing your nails?". Ladies and gentleman, I am a reformed nail biter. I have ALWAYS been obsessed with nails, I just never had any!!! One day, I got a decent mani, and never looked back! There are lots of people that can vouch for me and how far I've come. 

It was very recently that I discovered "Indie" polishes. Indie's are made by people that (literally) pour their creativity into a bottle and send it out to share with the world. How awesome is that? 

My favorite Indie brand is Model City Polish. SHOCKER, right? I decided to combine my three favorites by MCP in one super cute mani!

Isn't it darling? Here are my three favorites, in no particular order...

Sweet Tart (My first Lemming)

Cold Snap (a stunning blue holo)

More than Words (one of Nina's newest creations)

I've said it before, and I'll say it again...MCP rocks my world. Great polish, great colors, great prices and the BEST customer service around!!!
 You can find all of Nina's creations at:

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