Friday, January 3, 2014

What a Brute!

This is part one of my Mentality swatchfest!! I used a Christmas gift card to purchase some beautiful colors from Mentality on Etsy. This shop has such a vast variety of polish, it was very hard to select just a few of them! The first one I was drawn to was Brute. 

Brute is one of Mentality's matte shades. This is the second matte polish that I've purchased and it was much easier to work with than the first one I tried (it was not by Mentality).

Take a look, aint she purrrrdy???

One thing that caused me some problems is the drying time. I am an avid Seche Vite dries lightning fast and that's why I love it. Obviously, you don't use a topcoat for a matte polish so it felt like it took FOREVER to dry. I fudged em up quite a few times. That is the reason they don't look impeccable!

Regardless of dry time, I LOVE this polish. I am a huge fan of blue nails, and this one is really beautiful. Great texture made for a super easy application. 

I touched it up a little for the second looks better, don't you think?

Look for Mentality on Etsy and Big Cartel
Bonus: Mentality offers FREE SHIPPING, and great prices!

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