Friday, May 30, 2014

Emerald and Ash - Cuticle oil review and GIVEAWAY!

Hello friends!!! I am here to spread some Emerald and Ash cuticle oil love! As you may or may not know, Emerald and Ash makes some seriously amazing cuticle oil. The reason it's so amazing? It's fast absorbing, and gives major moisture to your dry and thirsty cuticles. It's also incredibly easy to apply, since it has a handy dandy little metal roller ball for application.

E&A uses a unique blend of oils that includes, fractionated coconut oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, meadowfoam seed oil, tea tree oil, vitamin A oil and vitamin E oil.
They offer 85 scents in both essential oils and fragrance oils. Those 85 scents can be blended into an even larger selection of scents.

For a list of all of the scents and their descriptions, click HERE!

Here are all of my oils in their natural habitat.
 ...might be time for a bigger basket...

E&A cuticle oil comes in 3 sizes:
10mL, 7mL, and 4mL which is what makes up their 3 packs.
I am BEYOND thrilled that they've added the 10mL as an option.

These are all of the oils in my collection.

My favorite scents are Pumpkin Apple Butter, Monkey Farts, Glitter and Kulu Bay.

I know you're wondering just WHAT does a monkey fart smell like? It smells like what your childhood memory of tutti frutti bubble gum balls tastes like! You'll be wishing everything smelled like Monkey Farts.

Here are my custom blended oils

My favorite custom blend is Rasperry and Vanilla Bean. I got the idea for that one from Courtney of "Swatcher, polish ranger". Leather Jacket and Tobacco is what some people I know have nicknamed "Daniel Craig" has a very distinctly leather scent to it. The chocolate and cinnamon combo was my friend Erin's idea, and I love it. Rose, Eucalyptus and fir needle was inspired by a flower arrangement I had in my home around Christmas. What's really awesome and surprising about it is that it's been helpful with my stuffy nose, because of the eucalyptus!

The other thing I'm sure you're wondering is, do they work? Abso-freaking-lutely! These oils work better than any oil, balm or lotion that I've ever tried. EVER. That's a big statement, I know...but if you are diligent about moisturizing with them, you will see major results.

Here's a little before and after of my own nails.

#1 is post polish removal...dry, peely and VERY scary!
#2 is FIVE minutes after one application of oil
#3 is the next morning, after working in the oil about once every 30-60 minutes.

Sometimes I follow the every 30-60 minute reapplication regimen when I get really dry.
It works so incredibly well.

Here's a bonus pic of my nails last night, I brought down the length and aggressively moisturized my needy cuticles.

Are you still with me??? Are you ready for the good stuff????!!! Emerald and Ash has graciously offered some store credit for three of my lucky followers! I will be running this contest until June 15th at 12:00 AM. 
Check out the Rafflecopter below!

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What will you be picking out at

Emerald and Ash

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