Friday, May 9, 2014

Combined forces! ILNP and Enchanted Polish

Hooray! It's Friday! I have a super cool combination to show you today! I got my mitts on "Djinn in a bottle" by Enchanted Polish. Now, I want to Holo EVERYTHING! Djinn is a holo topper, that literally transforms any polish you put it on!

I seriously love holo polish, and I love multichrome polish even more. What happens when you combine a stunning ILNP Ultra Chrome
 and Djinn in a Bottle? 

Magic. Nails.

This is probably the most pigmented and color shifting mani I've ever done.
I have on two coats of a quick dry black polish, one coat of ILNP Nostalgia and one coat of Djinn in a bottle.

Nostalgia is a multichrome polish that shifts from different shades of green to varying shades of burgundy with hints of gold and even blue in just the right light.

I have decided that all multichrome polishes look the best (in my opinion) layered over black. It seems to bring out all of the pigment in the polish. Remember my Enchanted and Picture Polish combo? Take a look back, here. Layering those colors over black was necessary, and it looked great.

The collage is of pictures I took in my car, in the sun. Sunlight is what really makes a holo polish pop. There's something about being in the car that shows a holo's flash really well, too. Seriously, these pictures don't do this combo justice. It's like wearing 5 different colors at one time.

The formula of both the ILNP and the EP are fantastic. Easy and flawless application for sure. 

ILNP has TONS of stunning ultra chrome, shifty polishes. You can find them at They are always coming out with new, exciting things.

Stay tuned, who knows what combo I might come up with next!

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