Sunday, May 25, 2014

I'm back, with some MOM nails!

Hello everyone! I SINCERELY apologize for being MIA for almost two weeks. Since the last time I checked in, I have been in major preparation. Lots of gardening, weed pulling and outdoor yard work. I've been spring cleaning like a mad woman. All of that hard work and elbow grease makes for some pretty shabby nails. I have cut my nails down pretty short, because it makes life a little easier when I'm busy like I have been. 

Because my nails are so short, I'd like to introduce you to my MOM's nails! She and my Dad are the reason for all the housework. They came into town the other day, and that night Mom said, "I expect some cool nails while I'm here." 

But of course, Mom.

For Mom's nails I used two of the Cosmoprof exclusive OPI Flamingo chic colors, Flamingo-tini pink and Feel the Mo-heat-oes green.

Wheeeeee! Aren't these the cutest nails you've ever seen?? Mom's got great nails, so I always love doing fun stuff for her! Also, Flamingos are her favorite thing, so this is the PERFECT collection for her!

The OPI Flamingo Chic collection is a Cosmoprof exclusive collection, but it can easily be found with a little digging on Ebay or Amazon, maybe even at a nail salon near you!

Thanks for hangin in there! I won't be gone as long again! 
Hope you are having a wonderful Memorial Weekend.

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