Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Meet and Greet - ICE Polish and the "Friends" collection

I am SO EXCITED to introduce you to a new indie polish line that will be available April 22nd! The brand is ICE Polish. Erin is the mastermind behind this line, and I can tell you firsthand...she has put in a TON of work.

I was lucky enough to have been matched with Erin for a Reddit polish group's secret Santa exchange, and she and I have stayed in touch ever since! Erin is double majoring in physiology and clinical laboratory science. She is a super busy student and has still found the time to come up with this lovely introductory collection that I have to show you today! 

So, without further ado...lets get to the goods!
This is the "Friends" collection for ICE polish!

First off, I have "Rainbow Fish". This color is a sheer blurple jelly with a nice linear holo to it. In my pics I have 3 coats of Rainbow Fish and one coat of Seche Vite.

(light box)

(direct sun)

Next, I have Black Raspberry Jelly. This color is a sheer black jelly with varying sizes of raspberry and orchid colored glitter.
I am wearing three coats with one coat of Seche Vite.

Look at how much depth this polish has! It's so yummy! 
My first coat went on a little streaky, but after three coats, it's perfect!

Now we have "Laven Luxurious, like livin luxurious but...not"
I call it Laven, for short.

Laven is a sheer purple jelly with small blue hex, large blue circles and micro gold glitters.
I love this color, it's so squishy!
I was kind of wondering how well the blue glitter would show up against a purple base, but I think it really pops, don't you?

This next one, is a color that I am very excited about. This color is near and dear to my heart. Erin and I were to meet up for lunch one day. We were chatting the night before about my crazy obsession with blue nail polish, and she said she was going to make me my very own blue explosion in a bottle.

This isn't called blue explosion, but it's more appropriately named "Bubbles" because I think it looks like...bubbles.

Bubbles is a blue pearl jelly base with silver and blue circle and hex glitters of varying sizes. In my pictures I have on three coats and one coat of Seche Vite.

I love the hint of pearl in the background of this color, don't you?

Finally, let's talk about Barbie. She's blonde and she loves all things sparkly and pink. The last color I have to show you today is 
"Barbie had a rough night".

Barbie is a pearly pink jelly with a little bit of everything mixed in! There's micro pastel yellow glitter, small pastel pink circle glitter, large pastel yellow hex glitter and holo pink hex glitter and the icing on the cake is the large heart glitter pieces in there. I like the fact that the heart glitter is there, but it isn't in your face.

Ice Polish will open its cyber "doors" on April 22nd. For this and all the rest of the lovely colors that I'll show you in my next post...visit

Also, keep up with all things ICE Polish on Facebook and Instagram

See you next time...we'll be going "Into the Garden"

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