Monday, April 28, 2014

Enchanted Polish - Bonjour Paris

Bonjour! Happy Monday! I have my second Enchanted Polish to show you today. Maybe you're aware, and maybe you're not...but typically, Enchanteds are pretty hard to get your hands on. In the last couple weeks there have been a couple of surprise restocks that are advertised by word of mouth. I found out about them via a couple friends telling me to get my hiney over to the Enchanted Polish site in a hurry. The colors that get posted in a restock are gone nearly as quickly as they are put up. 

It's a very interesting thing...the allure of Enchanted Polish. The colors that she creates are without a doubt, gorgeous and unique. You've gotta have a good track record to be able to sell polish sight unseen, like the monthly mystery polishes. Sometimes the demand for these marvelous Enchanted shades gets a little bit out of hand. There have been crashed servers, cartjackings, and general frustration and outrage over this brand's polish. I felt very lucky to (fairly) easily get my hands on a few shades lately. Thanks to Erin, for giving me the heads up for this restock!

Today's color is  "Bonjour Paris". This polish is a multi-chrome glitter topper. It shifts between dark blue, purple and orange-red. For today's pics I layered it over black, so you could really see the colors in this shifty glitter!

I am wearing two coats of black polish, one coat of "Bonjour Paris" and one coat of Seche Vite.

Somehow, miraculously I was able to catch all of the colors in this macro shot! Isn't it beautiful?
Here's another shot of its color shift.

The texture of this polish was great, as always. No problems with application whatsoever. 
Maybe the allure of this polish is for you, and maybe it's not...but you can always keep an eye on , sign up for their newsletter and then you can stay in the loop!

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