Monday, October 6, 2014

Elevation Polish - Red Sea

I am one lucky girl to have gotten my hands on Red Sea by Elevation polish. This polish was a small batch prototype that was released over the summer. Red sea is a strong multichrome and holo stunner that is a true chameleon. Every which way I look at this color it's different. It's gold, it's purple, it's burgundy and it's majorly holographic! 

Of course, the sun wasn't out when I was taking pictures...but you can get a good idea of it's awesomeness.

The next one was photographed with the help of  a led light bar that I just got. I love how you can see ALL of the little bits and pieces that make this polish so amazing.

In my pictures I have on two coats of Red Sea (I really only needed one) and one coat of Seche Vite.
This polish went on smooth as butter.

In case you didn't already know...any SBP that Elevation sells gets snapped up immediately. 
Lulu does restocks on the 7th and the 22nd of each month, with a selection of SBPs at every restock.

I'm not sure why this was only released as an's so gorgeous, I think everyone should have it!

Remember, the restocks at Elevation happen on the 7th (TOMORROW!) and the 22nd. 
Get over there and get your hands on some of Lulu's amazing stuff.


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