Monday, February 10, 2014

Happy Valentines Mani

Ahhhhh love. The day of adoration, love, hearts and kisses is almost upon us. My nails are all ready for Valentine's day, although I must admit I'll probably change them before friday! I felt like doing a little water marbling, and a little stamping too. Apparently I felt like challenging (torturing) myself today...

Yep, there's a whole lot goin on in this mani! I used a white base under my water marble, and also under my stamped finger. Here's a list of my colors...

Thumbs: Sally Hansen Insta Dri - Sonic Bloom
(I also stamped with Sonic Bloom)
Water Marbling - Essie Mod Square and Sation - Of Corset I'll Call you
Glitter: OPI liquid Sand - Pussy Galore and Model City - Pink Diamonds

Here's the thing about water's kind of a pain in the ass. The end result is worth it, but just barely! I'm joking...I love the trial and error of water marbling. I made a mini tutorial a while back, you can check it out HERE. It seems there are so many variables when it comes to marbling, so what I will tell you is to try and try again. The same goes for stamping...I probably stamped 8 different times before I kept what you see in the pictures. Even after all of that, I don't LOVE LOVE it. It's cute...but it could look better. 

Here's another tip for water marbling/masking your fingers for nail art...
Use elmers glue!

Rocked my world! You can just peel it right off!!! The thing I hate the MOST about water marbling, gradients and stamping is how stained your hands are afterwards. My hands are SUPER dry so if I don't protect my skin, I end up looking like Lorde at the Grammy's...

Hehe...speaking of gradients, stay tuned for a gradient sometime this week!

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