Monday, August 25, 2014

Wondering what I've been up to?

Yep, I'm still around. I haven't abandoned you. I will spare you the excuses and just tell you that I have been a Slacker McSlackerton. I have let the stresses of life get the better of me and neglected my blog.
I'm still here, and am getting my ducks in a row.

Want to see what I've been wearing on my nails? I only took pictures of 3 of them, and I'm happy to show them to you!

OPI Do you have this color in Stock-Holm?

This is a true purple for purple lovers. In every single picture, it wants to go a little blue...but it is definitely purple. On top of it, I stamped Mentality's "Moe".

Elevation Polish: Tre Cime di Lavaredo

This. This is GOLD that I actually like. It's a cool gold that almost leans green and has a strong linear holo. You must get your hands on this polish...I just checked earlier and it was still in stock. Usually that isn't the case for should probably go get it right now :-)

The Holo Unicorn

Ok, please pardon my very red looking hands. I have a little bit of everything going on in this mani. The colors I used are:
Indigo Bananas : Maui Wowee
Digital Nails: Wow
Stamped with Mentality black, and two Sally hansen color foils
Topped everything with Enchanted Polish "Djinn in a bottle

It's fun, and crazy and super holographic magic!

I'm back friends...and I'm feelin good about all the fun things I have in store!

Thanks for reading!!!

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