Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Emerald and Ash - Life in Color Collection part 2

I'm back, again! I've got the rest of my pieces from Emerald and Ash's "Life in Color" collection to show you! I can't really say that I've saved the best for last...there is no one "best" in my eyes. All of the colors have been stunning, in my opinion.

I'd like to share with you again, a word about the collection from Emerald and Ash:

"The 14 polishes in Life in Color were created because we absolutely love color and sometimes the colors we wanted to make just didn't fit into a collection. This was our chance to play and make things we've been thinking of for the past year, as well as allowing us to play with different finishes we haven't used before. Seeing as this was our chance to play with color we decided to take this opportunity to give names to the polish that make us laugh while mixing in some that have personal meaning to us.

All of these polishes are highly pigmented, so as always we recommend a good base coat to wear with them."

Zetus Lapetus

"Zetus Lapetus: A lipstick pink shimmer that just screams wear me! We felt that wasn't enough so we tossed in some bright blue micro flakies and a smattering of holo. Sassy, fun and reminiscent of our favorite, always up to something, girl of the 21st century. Depending on your application, 2-3 coats bring this polish to full coverage."

I have to admit...before I got this polish, I didn't know about Zenon. I also didn't know what "Zetus Lapetus" meant. All I knew was that this polish was bitchin' and I couldn't wait to wear it. Turns out, it's just as pretty as I'd hoped it would be. This is one of those colors that EVERYONE can and should wear. 

In my pics I have on two coats of Zetus Lapetus and one coat of Seche Vite.

Elevendy Seven

"Growing up, when I used to ask my Mom about an amount of something, quite often the reply would be that we need "elevendy seven". So maybe we needed elevendy seven of...eggs, or...dogs, or who knows what. It's a term that stuck with me into adulthood and is a fitting name to go on a color that was my mom's favorite (green, that is). A beautiful grass green stain crelly that is filled with yellow shimmer, rainbow flakies and a touch of holo. You might just want to pull off your shoes to run your feet through it. Due to the pigments used, this polish will dry to a stain finish, if you like a glossy look add a topcoat to it to make it shine. Depending on your application, 2-3 coats will bring this polish to full coverage."

I love the tone and shimmer in this green. It truly does remind me of sunny skies and green grass. My skin doesn't always love green, but it loves this one!

In this one, I lit it up a little more so you could see the yellow shimmer and the flakies that are hiding in there!
I have on two coats of Elevendy Seven and one coat of Seche Vite.

Stubble Jumper

"Stubble Jumper: A stunning polish that was created for Courtney over at Swatcher, Polish Ranger, and she was kind enough to let us include it in our collection. Stubble jumper refers to a person or farmer who has to jump over the wheat "stubble" as they walk across the fields. This blue-ish teal crelly is flecked with blue shimmer as well as yellow and green/gold micro-flakies. It is a stunner that gives full coverage in 2-3 coats, depending on your application."

When Ashley and Nate asked me to review their collection, I remembered when I saw this one on Swatcher, Polish Ranger! I thought "I REALLY HOPE STUBBLE JUMPER IS IN THAT BOX!"
Ta DAH!!! This color is lovely, and I am so happy to have it! The texture of this polish is lovely as well.

In my pictures I have on two coats of Stubble Jumper and one coat of Seche Vite.

Titty Sprinkles

"Titty Sprinkles: Based on a recurring joke about everything I own, including my own lady lumps, being covered in a fine dust of glitter, shimmer and sparkle at any given time.  We can now proudly say that shimmer and sparkle has been bottled (no titties have been harmed in the making of this polish)! This is a flakie extravaganza polish that can be full coverage in 2-3 coats or used as a topper. Filled with yellow, bright blue, hot pink and white micro flakies. Once on the nail you will never know what color it really is. Is it silver? Is it blue? Is it light pink? This is a polish that clearly does what it wants.

I love Titty Sprinkles! I love the color, I love the name...I love everything about it. This is a major chameleon polish, but I was able to capture all the colors in this macro that you see here.

I have on three coats of Titty Sprinkles and one coat of Seche Vite.

Emerald and Ash is prepping for a trip to Las Vegas to go to Cosmoprof North America. Their store will remain open while they are away, and upon their return the orders will be filled and shipped.
The "Life in Color" collection will be available this Thursday, July 10th at 9AM MDT. Visit to get your hands on these and all of the other AMAZING colors.


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  1. Your swatches are perfection, as always! So glad you love Stubble Jumper - it obviously has a special place in my collection.