Thursday, February 5, 2015

Model City Polish - Spring Bouquet Collection

Well folks, are you ready for spring weather? I know I am! 
The new collection titled "Spring Bouquet" by Model City Polish is just the breath of fresh air I was needing. It's a six polish collection, full of colorful, pastel crellys.
I am so impressed with how the colors are the perfect representation of their inspiration.

All six polishes have a nice, sheer formula, with flakes and a soft holo sparkle throughout. I used three coats of polish in all of my photos, with one coat of Seche Vite on top. 

One thing to be said about all of these colors is that if I didn't wait a bit between coats, they tended to grab and make bald spots. Also, I feel like a topcoat is absolutely necessary to smooth them out.

Wanna see what they look like?


Pennyroyal is a light lavender purple with dark purple flakes and scattered holo. I love that the flakes add an iridescent flair to this polish.


Azalea is a bright pastel pink crelly with dark magenta flakes and scattered holo throughout.
Just look at all those pretty flakies!


Primrose is a very cool yellow that likes to look green on me. Primrose is a naughty little polish. She and I fought a bit, when it came time to photograph. This color has golden flakies and scattered holo throughout. My skintone is very pink, so it wouldn't be a personal first choice, but I got a lot of compliments on it when I wore it.


 Holy crap you guys! It's an orange that I actually like, and I feel like it looks good on me!
Just to give you an idea of how warm my skintone is, someone commented on the "nude" polish I was wearing. I had to correct them and say that it is in fact, orange. Ha.

Frittilaria is a soft orange crelly with orange/bronze flakes and that scattered holo.


Hellebore and I fought a little bit as well. Even still, I really like the look of this lime green polish. It's got subtle yellow gold flakes and holo throughout, just like the rest of the collection.

Himalayan Poppy

This one is my personal favorite! Sky blue with bright blue flakes and holo! You just can't go wrong.
For whatever reason, this color applied easiest for me.
I just love it.

Well? What do you think?
My favorites are Himalayan Poppy (of course, it's blue) and Frittilaria (Holy crap, I like that orange)!

All of these colors will be available from Nina's online shop this Saturday, February 7th at Noon CST.


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