Sunday, January 12, 2014

Emerald and Ash: Black Ice

Today's polish is one that really surprised me! It is my first Emerald and Ash polish, and it was gifted to me by my secret Santa, Erin! Upon first glance it looks like it's just a good old pewter silver. Wrong-o! It is, in fact, a silver polish but it also has a gorgeous holo to it as well. Today's color is Black Ice, and it is part of Emerald and Ash's Winter Nights collection. 

I had to throw in a shot of my seldom photographed right hand! The texture of this polish is great, I achieved full coverage with two thin coats. 

The above picture really shows that fabulous holo effect. Sorry about the dry cuticles...yikes!

Speaking of dry cuticles...Emerald and Ash also offers a FANTASTIC array of oils to calm your dry and cracking cuticles. I ordered the Pumpkin Apple Butter scent after being advised to do so by many people.

I just love this cuticle oil. I feel like it hydrates my nails and cuticles better than ALL of the others that I have tried. The winters here in MN are so cold and dry, I need all the help I can get. 

The square glass bottles are very unique and the cuticle oil has a user friendly metal roller for easy application. If you plan on ordering, CHOOSE THIS SCENT, it is absolutely delicious. 

Of course I had to throw in a little stamping...'cuz I'm still practicing! 

Emerald and Ash has their very own Online Store, and also a more limited selection on Etsy.

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