Friday, June 27, 2014

ICE Polish - Dreams come true...not if I can help it! Collection part 2

Sooooo...I may have been a little premature with posting Part 1 of this collection.
I got the release date mixed up and got hustling, only to find out that this collection isn't coming out til June 30th! Silly me.

Anyway...I'm here with the second installment of the collection titled, "Dreams come true...not if I can help it!" This collection is inspired by the princesses and villains from our favorite Disney movies!
First off, I will tell you that I had no problems with application whatsoever. I love how long lasting ICE Polish is as well!

Cinderella and Stepmother

 Cinderella is a soft, powder blue polish with blue shimmer and scattered holo. In my photos I am wearing three coats of Cinderella and one coat of Seche Vite.


Stepmother is a gunmetal/charcoal gray with silver shimmer and a scattered holo throughout.
I am wearing two coats of Stepmother and one coat of Seche Vite.

Mulan and Shan Yu

Mulan is a bright blue with a slight aqua shimmer and a linear holo effect. It gets opaque after two coats!
I included another sun pic, so you can really see the flash that this holo has!

Shan Yu

Shan Yu is a chocolate brown polish with subtle golden shimmer and a scattered holo effect. Because of the opacity of the pigment, it dried matte, so it definitely needs a topcoat.

Aurora and Maleficent

What I am about to say is meant in a loving way...
These two colors are assholes. They are asshole polishes that refuse to be fully captured by my camera.
That's the reason for the unconventional macro shots.


Aurora is a soft pink pearl color, with a very subtle aqua shimmer and a scattered holo. I tried as hard as I could to capture the shimmer in this one, and I just couldn't! Also, every time I tried to get a good shot of this one in the sun...the sun wouldn't come out! She's an asshole...I told you!


Maleficent is my favorite...that's why I saved it for last. In the bottle it's very sheer, so in my pictures I am wearing one coat of black under one coat of maleficent. This color is such a chameleon! One second, it's green and the next, it's purple! I had this color on for a few days too, without a chip!

So? What do you think?? Which of these lovely polishes are you going to try?? These 6, and the rest of this collection will be available on the ICE Polish Etsy site on June 30th!! Be there or be square!

ICE Polish

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