Monday, June 9, 2014

Man Glaze - Mink Mitten

Today's polish was a little bit of a of those that I ordered, and I totally forgot about it til it showed up! I got it for $6.66 and free shipping which is a ridiculously good deal! 

Today, I'd like to show you Mink Mitten by ManGlaze!

"What woman could resist a guy wearing a metallic lavender nail colour named 
after furry love gloves? Probably a bunch but those chicks are no fun anyway."

Mink Mitten is a matte, metallic "Plavendurple". 
In my opinion, it's a little more on the satin-ey side of matte...
In my pictures I'm wearing one coat of Nail Envy and two coats of Mink Mitten.

This label was designed by punk rock artist Joe Simko. It was inspired by actress Pam Grier. To check out more of Joe Simko's work head over HERE.

This polish has a fabulous formula. I found it very easy to work with. My guess is because it's not SUPER DUPER matte, it doesn't dry as fast as some other matte polishes do.
Really, I love everything about this polish, the color, the metallic, the satin texture, the bottle...everything!

For a company that strives to create "tough" polishes, this one is pretty sweet. 

Pick up this and some other "Manly" polishes over at MANGLAZE.COM.


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