Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lookin' pretty grotesque.

Happy Halloween! (Well, almost) I was sitting at the table, looking at an assortment of polishes for Halloween inspired manis last night, and I was feeling uninspired. I couldn't decide. Orange and black ombre? Green and black with stamps? Stripes? I wanted to do something I hadn't ever done before. It was then that I remembered that I wanted to try a "splatter" mani. The end result is pretty freaky and grotesque.
It reminds me of "Dexter". I will just tell you right now that I will definitely think twice before using red in a splatter mani EVER again. I was thinking, "I don't need to tape my cuticles" and "It will be fine if I don't cover the edges of my fingers, I'll just clean it up with acetone". WRONG!! Boy oh boy was I wrong. The end result is super cool, but the during process is a mess. If you are gonna do this, I would HIGHLY recommend masking your cuticles first. My hands legitimately looked like I had killed someone!!
Case in point:
Looks like a massacre, right? Maybe that's the point :-)

To achieve this look, you dip a drinking straw into your polish and just cover the very end of it with color. Aim it at your finger, and give a sharp blow! At one point, I got too much polish on the straw and covered the entire tip of my left pointer finger. Anyone that knows how difficult it is to clean up red polish probably knows that a lot of swears came out of my mouth when that happened!!

After cleaning it up, I was much happier with it. 
The glitter on my ring finger is Model City's Bobbing for Apples

I'd like to try a splatter mani again...I'll just try different colors, and DEFINITELY cover the edges first!


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