Monday, October 21, 2013

Sugar skulls and Ultra Chromes!

I'm back with another fabulous multi-chrome by ILNP! This time, I've used Mutagen, a green that also has purple, silver and some gold! After the last post where I used Birefringence, I had to get my hands on another one of these color shifting polishes!

Also, I have been itching to do some nail I added some sugar skulls! I used my dotting tools to create these, and I really like the way it turned out. For the glitter pieces I used a stick pin to pick up some larger pieces of glitter from a couple of my glitter polishes. I've got some nail art brushes that are on order, and I think they would be great for painting more detailed sugar skulls.
 The dotting tool worked really well, in my opinion.

Mutagen isn't quite as shifty and Birefringence is, but it's still lovely. At this angle you can see the
 grayish, purple tones in it. This polish is relatively sheer and for my nails in these pics, I used three thin coats.

This one is taken outdoors, in clouded sunlight.

This is artificially lit, with the camera flash on. The more light on this color, the more the silvers and gray greens come out. Have you checked out yet? Go get some Ultra Chromes before they're gone!

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