Saturday, December 7, 2013

My two favorites, teamed up in one CHILLY mani!

We all know that I have a "thing" for Model City polish, but you may not know that I also have a thing for Black Cat Lacquer! They are both incredibly beautiful many lovely colors! I received a TON of polish in the mail yesterday, and it was like Christmas come early! Model City, Black Cat Lacquer, Julep and ManGlaze! Oooooooh boy!

 You should know that yesterday in MN it was -12 when I got up! 


The two colors I chose for this mani are "Cold Snap" by Model City Polish and "Baby it's cold outside" by Black Cat Lacquer. Pretty dang appropriate if you ask me!!!

"Cold Snap" is part of the "Ode to a southern holo" collection. I was looking at my MCP collection and I realized I didn't have any of her vibrant colors! This is a brilliant bright blue with a lovely holographic twist! I could have gotten away with one coat, but just for good measure I did two.

"Baby it's cold outside" is a white crelly (my FAVE) with pastel matte glitters and snowflakes scattered throughout. There is also a subtle holographic silver shimmer to it. It wasn't thick, it wasnt goopy, and I was able to get great coverage with 3 coats. I was gifted this one by a fellow Reddit Polisher! Thanks again ChelseyCheckers!

It's such a soft, icy wintery look, isn't it?

Think warm thoughts for me! I'm gonna go get a heated blanket or something!

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